VW ID.4 USA Tour

In July 2021, world record driver and owner of Challenge4, Rainer Zietlow and camera man Derek Collins will start for an almost 100-days long road show through the USA in an all-electric vehicle. This time in the Volkswagen ID.4, which has a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh (net) and a maximum fast-charging power of 125 kW. Joining him in the car is Derek Collins of Kansas City, who is also capturing the tour in photos and video.

The route begins in Herndon, Virginia at Volkswagen America’s headquarters. It zigzags counterclockwise through 48 states of the U.S. heartland, from the East Coast to the West Coast in the north and via the south back to the starting point in Herdon. Along the way, Rainer Zietlow and his co-pilot visit more than 600 Volkswagen dealers. The team will be expected to arrive in Herndon in mid-October again.

The team will rely heavily on Electrify America for recharging the ID.4, as it has the nation’s largest open DC fast-charging network with more than 600 charging stations and more than 2,600 individual DC fast chargers. As with each of his tours, including the ID4-USA Tour, Challenge4 will be supporting the international charity organization SOS-Children’s Villages by donating 10 US cents per miles driven.

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Miles driven
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