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The fourteenth day began in Baltimore, Maryland and we met a man in a mask that had a reflective face. He had a car that had been modified with big rims and a nice stereo kit and the bass would shake everything. We then traveled through Baltimore and explored the downtown area. The City Hall was marvelous and the ID. 4 looked great in the city. When we arrived at the port, we spotted a man on a one wheel vehicle. The guy looked like he was from the future or space on this with his helmet on. There were some buildings over the water and a quaint tower by the dock made for a nice photo. We visited some more areas downtown. We saw the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. The very tall clock tower has been a Baltimore landmark since its construction in 1911 and was the tallest building in Baltimore at that time. There were some gentlemen playing basketball. The black and red court looked cool in the urban area. We got some action shots of the intense, dynamic game. It was interesting to see a cool vintage warship on the water. We spotted another one-wheeler. This one was actually very fast and difficult to keep up with. Near the port, there were some old wartime cannons on display. They were located at the Fort McHenry National Monument and they commemorate the valiant defense of the fort during the Battle of Baltimore in 1814. We then visited the Francis Scott Key Historic Shrine. It was interesting to learn this was where the “Star Spangled Banner” was written. We stopped by Ourisman VW. The dealership exhibited a large American flag in the front. Oftentimes, on the long roads it is typical to see the biker gangs cruising on their motorcycles. We then met the crew at Beyer VW in Frederick County. They gave us some cool poses for the photo. The U.S. Silica Company was great to visit. Here, this company mines and makes sand. There were huge trucks like the one gargantuan next to the I.D. 4. Also, an old-style train sits on one track as it has been discontinued, but has now been retired for visitors and tourists to check out. In the evening, we saw some Amish making bales of hay. They had their horses on the pasture pulling the huge rake. He you also see our cameraman and partner, Derek, in his element taking photos. In Jersey Shore, PA, we saw a vintage 1990’s fire truck. On this day the firemen were in training. They told us their station was coming up on 119 years of service. The bright red of the fire engine looks really nice against the evening sun as it begins to turn bright  colors. The day finished up near Montoursville in Pennsylvania.


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