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We begin our twelfth day in the Pennsylvania countryside. A typical symbol of American life, a water tower, stands tall. The shape is oddly similar to those of the H.G. Wells tale, War of the Worlds. Greeted by the welcome sign, we later came across Hamburg, PA. Hamburg is also one of the biggest cities Germany, so taking a picture was a must. Driving the streets of the Pennsylvania town was nice. The houses were very closely knit, closer to the street, and in many cases the same color. It was almost similar to English style homes and neighborhoods. In a garden, on display were an artist’s statues or insects and other things. In this area, we see a lot of love for America and the flag. All over town there were American flags and banners displayed, such as this home with banners and a flag proudly hung. There were some nice Menonites selling different fresh fruits they produced from farming. The next neighborhood had a yard sale at one of the homes. We have seen a diverse and multitude of yard sales so far. A few of the residents are seen shopping around and socializing. A dealer had silly characters standing outside with the Volkswagen Logo as their faces. This made for a fun photo with the ID. 4. It is quite rare, but always nice seeing classic cars on the road. They are usually very well maintained and clean looking. We stopped by Maple Donuts in York, PA which proudly exhibited multiple American flags and the saying “God Bless America” painted on the building.The donut is a staple in American culture and cuisine as a fun, sweet snack. It was fun to take this photo with the ID. 4 in the hole of the donut. We met a stylish man named Maurice. He was dressed in a clean suit with a hat included. Many of the dealers are interested in the tour. They couldn’t believe we’ve visited so many dealerships. It’s always nice to explain the project and let people know more about the ID. 4 and what we’re doing. We then spotted a rally car race on the side of the road, people were staying in their RV’s and some were playing cornhole. A game in which you toss bean bags and try to land them in a hole on a wooden pad. This game and the campground set up is a real American summertime theme. On our way through a neighborhood, we see a typical suburban neighborhood with matching houses. Later, we made a stop at a vintage car meet up. There were lots of classic cars, but this ambulance was one of our favorites. It was clean, well-kept, red outside and had the interior to match. It also looked like the car from Ghostbubsters. Hanover VW was very kind with giving us a present. We want to thank them for the gift. He could even speak some sentences in German which was very nice to hear. We then stopped at Das Bierhalle in Parkville, MD. We entered Baltimore and the day came to an end.


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