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The fifteenth day started near Montoursville, PA. As we trekked down the countryside road, we came across a group of bald eagle statues. The bald eagle is the national bird of the U.S. and is a symbol of the American way and patriotism. Next, we saw a large nuclear factory named Susquehanna Steam Electric Station as we continued. This is the dichotomy between the countryside agriculture and industrial business. We then came across a lovely mural painted on a camera store wall in Bloomsbury, PA. With the ID. 4 in front, it’s as if they are taking a photo of our car. The town offered some nice scenery with a delightful fountain surrounded by planted flowers. All around there were small American flags to top off the decor as well. Electrify America has really looked out for us. Upon our arrival, the Electrify America chargers had been prepared. It was super of them and we are thankful. We then found ourselves at the New York State welcome center in Broome County. The welcoming sign had a retired race car on top. There was a large exhibition of the old saying “I love NY” in big letters. The I.D. 4 looked fantastic next to the sign and you can see some big hills in the background. We then stood next to “I heart NY” as well. In New York State we came across some locals. A man was strumming away on his guitar missing two strings and a woman had a magnificent butterfly costume with wings and antennas included. We then saw the signs that would warn us to watch out for horses and buggy’s. It is common for the townsfolk and Amish to travel this way in the rural area. For the first time during our journey, it had rained a substantial amount, but it didn’t hinder our travels. Built specifically for electric vehicles, the Hankook Kinergy AS EV tires handled the winding mountain roads with ease with their excellent grip and handling and low rolling resistance. They handled the extra weight of the EV battery well, providing stability through the narrow curved roads. We stopped for a bite to eat at a drive-in restaurant. Having their heyday in the 1950’s and 60’s, here you order at the parking spot and the food is brought to your car on a tray by the server. Later on, we stopped at one of the many golf courses here in the U.S. Many times the course will come very close to the road. We met a proud VW driver and he has been driving Volkswagen his whole life. We then took a nice photo of his swing with the I.D. 4 in the background. We met a local named Michael, he invited us to his home and he had a nice warm fire outside next to his new camper. Evening came and we went to a hotel. It was very convenient to have an Electrify America charger right in the parking lot.


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