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Our trek continues and we reach a truck stop on day 28. We took a nice photo with the I.D. 4 and 3 semi trucks stacked on each other. We then entered St. Louis, MO and saw the famous Gateway Arch. The monument we know today began in 1935 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated property along the St. Louis riverfront to be developed as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The Gateway Arch now stands as a symbol of national identity and an iconic example of mid-century modern design. We then stopped by the Old Courthouse of St. Louis, which was the tallest habitable building in Missouri from 1864 to 1894, it is now part of Gateway Arch National Park. We headed toward the Missouri River. There were many old warehouses. The I. D. 4 looked great next to the buildings. An old steel bridge we came across had a train going very slow down the track. It was amazing that this old bridge from the 1940’s could support a train with hundreds of railway cars even today. The Clydesdale horses are a true symbol of St. Louis. Originally a Scottish breed, these beautiful horses typically stand about 67 inches tall. Originally used for draught power, these days the breed is used for pulling tourist carriages. A lady was keeping them cool because it was so humid and hot, so she sprayed them down with some nice water. The Arch looks massive as it takes up the whole frame. It really makes the I.D. 4 look tiny. Near river you can see in the background, you can see a classic mid west thunderstorm brewing. The Dean Team VW in Kirkwood, MO had two T2 VW vans prepared for our arrival that were very clean and had great paint jobs. One was so short, it was very cool and fun. We appreciate them bringing the vehicles out for our us. In Uranus Missouri there stood a 22-foot-tall Muffler Man fiberglass statue designed after the Mayor in an All-American suit. These Muffler Men have seen a resurgence along Route 66 in recent years. The I.D. 4 looked great against this painted background of a blue and white swirl. The colors and pattern were the perfect backdrop. We met a nice Amish man who was selling tomatoes. We thank Springfield VW for helping us charge the I.D. 4 at their facility. In Springfield, we saw some cool statues of a large chicken, a bucking horse, a bison, and a bull. The visitor center was dedicated to the famous Route 66 and they are very proud of their heritage along the famous highway. Established in 1926 Route 66 is over 2,000 miles long and goes from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles. By 1960 it became popular as the only road to cross the country as such. We visited downtown Springfield. A unique statue celebrating Route 66 made with hubcaps embedded spelling out 66. This sculpture represents all of the memories and stories created traveling Route 66 as they are passed down generation to generation. Because Springfield was along the route many businesses use it for advertising. Because the Route is such a classic, oftentimes we find old signs that have gone past their prime. The beautiful Missouri sunset overlooking the trees concluded the day.




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