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Day thirty-three day of our U.S. tour has come and we began near Sioux Falls, SD. The sunrise supplied an incredible gradient of colors as we started our day. We crossed the Minnesota border into the southern part of the state. The sun and fog gave us a beautiful picture as we continued near Mankato, MN. The light complimented the I.D. 4. very nicely as well at a dead end near the foggy water. In Luverne, MN there was a large Buffalo in front of a wood-crafted building towering over the ID.4. We arrived in Blue Earth, MN and were welcomed by the Jolly Green Giant, the mascot of Green Giant vegetables. The giant statue is 55.5 feet tall. The canning plant is no longer owned by Green Giant, but The Niblet King remains and is still beloved by his adopted town. We came across a yard of vintage cars. They were nicely rustic and had some foliage growing around and on them, as well. As we trek through the Midwest states we’ve noticed that we don’t see much wheat farming in the U.S. Popularity had changed to the likes of soybeans, corn or peas. We saw a large pasture of soybeans on a farm. There was a big brick building that belonged to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. This building had been around since 1898. Back on the road, we saw a cool American couple on a three wheeled motorcycle, typically called a trike. They rode with no helmet as theres no regulations for helmets and they exemplified the U.S. open road with their flag posted on the motorcycle. Some skydivers from Skydive Northstar in Waseca, MN had just landed and we got the chance to speak with them. The professionals have two planes and offer tandem skydiving in the Minneapolis area. We would like to thank them for letting us stop by and hangout for a short time. They were really great to be around. We were able to get a great look of the green fields that host the soybean and corn. The harvesting machinery are staples that we continue to see. It’s interesting that many of them are either red or green depending on the branding. The farmers have about one more week before it is time to harvest the crops. Wind power is also very popular, but we noticed that in this specific county there were many windmills and they seemed to really be for wind power. When we exited the county, the frequency of these machines stopped abruptly. We saw another water tower. This one, instead of the usual painted picture of town name, there hung a big arrow titled “Casino” pointing to the destination if any travelers wondered where it was located in Northwood, IA. We would then meet two twin brothers. They had an old Lincoln that was very well kept. The duo was nice enough to pose for a photo by the vehicle. We caught sight of a bald eagle, the United States symbol of freedom. Derek tried to catch a photo but the large bird wouldn’t let us get too close, but we managed to see them in the trees. A classic Mercury Montclair that we saw had a very clean white paint job with the vintage white wall tires to match, that were popular in the 1950’s. The white really made the mint green interior pop. Every night we work hard to curate the content for our supporters of the tour. We have part three of our new video uploaded now!




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