We have made it to Day fifty of touring with the I.D. 4. Staying at The Little River Motel was an exciting and refreshing experience staying in a small cabin. It is a motel surrounded by a forested area with the little located cabins in the back. Along the small road, a sculpture of Betty Boop as a diner waitress on roller skates preceding a red truck with steel wheels. There was also an area that featured many more lawn sculptures of cacti, a horse, and more, as well as a large teepee. We continued to head west along through the Rocky Mountains covered with green pine trees. Then we stopped at a saloon in St. Regis called the Talking Bird Saloon. We crossed the state line into Idaho. We entered Wallace and checked out the Stardust Motel. The motel features a cool brightly colored sign with stars and a small spacecraft a visitor can enter and pretend to go to a galaxy far, far away. There is also a sculpture of a space Alien that stands on the rooftop. Wallace, ID was famous for having the only stoplight on 3,100 mile coast-to-coast Interstate 90, which ran through its business district. Then a bypass was built, killing the town’s claim to fame. Wallace, ID held a grand funeral for its stoplight on September 12, 1991. Now the stoplight rests in peace at the Wallace Mining Museum, in a coffin filled with artificial flowers. Still trekking westward we arrived in Washington State. We went to Spokane and got to visit its downtown area. The Hotel Carlyle is one of the few remaining hotels that have been witness to two of the city’s earliest periods of substantial growth, 1889-1893 and 1900-1910. . We passed by some farms as we continued driving. We got some nice pictures using to show the massive fields with the huge silos and all the machinery. The I.D. 4 made some magnificent turns and the gravel helped produce some streams of dust behind. An orange train with three cars we saw pass by. The farming fields had more hills than previously in this area. Ritzville, WA would be our next visit. The town had many sculptures all over like the man waiting to cross the street or the horse and buggy. Ritzville’s Pretty Good Grocery was a nice little small town market that offers many things you need to pick up without having to go to a “big store”. The farms in this region use long wheeled pipelines that carry water across the large fields of crops. We saw a farm growing hops for a brewery. There was also a winery on the same road. Yakima, WA became our next stop. In the evening, as the sun was setting, we saw smoke from the Northern California wildfires. We then made a stop at a local roadside fruit shop that also sells antiques. And the fiftieth day subsided as we charged at an Electrify America station in a unique location that isn’t the typical big box st resturant .


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The ninety-seventh day and our last day of touring with the VW ID. 4 has arrived. The day began in Herndon, VA and we visited …



We have finally reached the ninety-sixth day of touring the U.S. with the ID. 4. Collinsville, VA would be our starting point and we began …


day 95: Richmond, VA TO COLLINSVILLE, VA

The ninety-fifth day began in the city of Richmond, the capital of Virginia. We headed south and we found ourselves back in North Carolina. The …