The fifty-first day got its start near Everett, WA. Bellingham, WA would be our most northern point which is only 20 miles from the Canadian border. We saw an all white classic Thunderbird in front of a quaint red house. Then we stopped back at Walmart in Everett. They had the largest Electrify America stations we’ve seen so far with ten chargers. We travelled across a steel bridge with an interesting design that left a cool shadow all the way down the bridge like a snake in Westmount, WA. There was a place where boats are stored when they are not docked by the water. The I.D. 4 looked super in front of the white boats. We met some helpful people that were loggers. We took a photo with one of the huge machines that can hold a whole load of logs with its giant claw. It looks as if the machine is going to catch the I.D. 4. There were lots of boats being hauled on the road. It was the weekend before Labor Day, so people were out enjoying the holiday weekend by boating. In Seattle, we stopped at Dick’s Drive-In, a classic 1950’s style drive in style diner. The restaurant’s workers even had the trademark hats and bow ties of the times. There was a little house near downtown and it was a coffee shop. The little shop had a drive up window or customers could walk up to order on the other side. We explored the downtown area of Seattle. On one of the streets there was a very tall Christmas tree outside that was as tall as the building it stood next to. The symbol of Seattle would be the Space Needle. The Space Needle symbolizes the innovative and forward-thinking spirit of Seattle. The tower stands 604 feet and was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. It features an observation deck and a rotating restaurant. Construction was completed in December 1961 and it opened the following April. We stopped at a pier and there were people out on the water with their sailboats. Some people were even out rowing their long rowboats. The Old Rainier Brewery is a big red and yellow building. As we continued, we could see Mt. Rainier. The mighty mountain reminded us of a traditional Mt. Fuji oil painting. Located in Mount Rainier National Park, also known as Tahoma or Tacoma, it stands 14,411 ft. and it’s last eruption was in 1894. This was the first time that all stations at an Electrify America station were full. There were two guys on motorcycles. One of them did a standing wheelie after checking if the coast was clear. The phenomenal lighting of the sunset made Mt. Rainier look remarkable across the water. Many people were in the water fly fishing. The state of Washington is a great location for the activity. We crossed over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and conclude our day as we entered Bremerton, WA.


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