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The seventieth day began near Midland, TX. The west Texas city is a part of the Permian Basin area that is also the former home of presidents George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush. In the morning, the sky gave an awesome color palette. To our surprise, there were flames being spouted from an oil well’s gas flare due to other natural gases that are released. Driving down the highway, there were many clouds, but the sky stayed a beautiful orange color. We travelled down Interstate 20 and the ID. 4 looked outstanding with the beaming sunrise. After charging the ID. 4 at an Electrify America station near Abilene, we saw some Texas steer and horse statues. The statues grazed the patch of land as if they were real animals. Then we saw a worker touching up some road paint on our way towards the Dallas/Fortworth area. There was an immaculate bridge structure that was the combination of 5 different highways overlapping. We arrived in Fort Worth, TX and a gentleman was painting a sculpture on the side of a building. The mural would become an octopus playing a guitar. The artist stood on a crane in order to reach the higher up places on the brick wall. We stopped in front of this banner displaying an advertisement of the fully electric vehicle brought to us by Volkswagen. When we reached the downtown area of Fort Worth, the Forth Worth United Methodist Church had some incredible architecture dating back to the 1800s. In front of the church, there was a statue displaying a white marble statue of Jesus Christ. Oktoberfest has just begun and there was a banner over the street to let the people know when the celebrations will be. We kept on going and we saw a goat being transported in the back of a truck. The animal chewed it’s hay as it rode to its destination. We continued exploring the downtown area and drove down the red brick road in front of the Fort Worth Convention Center. The ID. 4 maneuvered downtown like the champ. Continuing on through Arlington, TX, there was a huge American flag and Texas State flag being flown that we could see from the highway and beyond. In Irving, TX, as we drove down the 183 highway we passed another cool series of highway bridges that criss-crossed each other. We made it to the city Dallas, TX and all along the highway were masses of American and Texas state flags. One flag pole carried 9 American flags and there was another accompanying it, making a total of 18 flags in one area. The day came to a close with the great people at Brandon Tomes Volkswagen in McKinney, TX. 


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