The seventy-second day started off in Tulsa, OK. As the sun made it’s morning appearance, it gave the sky an orange hue. We made our way east and the Neosho River was barely visible due to the heavy blanket of fog coverage. We then continued down highway 412 and Lake Hudson was as blue as our ID.4. Making it into Arkansas, we got to the town of Van Buren, AR. There was a little log building that happened to be The Albert Pike schoolhouse. This one-room school was where Albert Pike would teach before becoming the Confederate general he has become known for. The town of Van Buren is full of 1800s style architecture that is still intact today. Although there are many shops and small businesses that sell antiques, some of the stores put a new spin on classic ideas as well. The capital city of Arkansas, Little Rock, would be our next stopping place. Filled with bustling highways and large buildings, Little Rock, AR is not like the countryside towns we passed by. We crossed the Arkansas River using the Broadway bridge. When we entered the city, we met an incredible gymnast that showed us some of his highly difficult poses. The man was accompanied by his fluffy friend who was no stranger to the camera. There was a very nice woman that was out for a walk. She had some super fashionable sunglasses that were rimmed with gemstones. Next, we visited the William J Clinton Presidential Library. The library and museum not only features archival collections and research facilities but also replicas of the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room. Outside there are 26 awesome Earth globes that are all decorated differently. Each globe was created by a different artist and aims to bring awareness to the solutions of climate change. Located in front of the Arcade building sits a sculpture of Rick Redden. Not only did the architect design, but was also involved in the design of many of the buildings in the Little Rock downtown area. The sculpture by John Deering depicts Redden playing banjo with architectural drawings rolled behind him while he plays banjo. We drove the ID. 4 by the historical Gazette Building which was built in 1908 and is the former headquarters of the Arkansas Gazette newspaper. It even served as the 1992 campaign headquarters for President Bill Clinton. There was a tall brick clock tower. The building was identified as the Pulaski County Courthouse. The Rock Region Metro rail-car system opened in 2004 and now stretches 3.4 miles from Little Rock to North Little Rock. We followed the mustard colored street car for some photos. This day of touring then settled in the town of Longview, TX. And we would like to thank Gorman-Mccracken VW for letting us charge up.


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