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Jackson, MS would be our starting point for Day seventy-nine. We would like to thank Jackson VW for helping us to fully charge the ID. 4 overnight.  As we headed south on highway 49, we came across Cooper’s Country Meat Packers. The butcher market sells high quality meats and specialty sausages. Out front it had a pig statue and three American flags blowing in the breeze. Continuing our trek, some animated cars came to real life as we saw the cars from the famous cartoon movie. A semi-truck moving an oversized load needed some adjusting by the workers. They confirmed the “double-wide” mobile home was firmly attached and continued on their way. We then made a pit stop at Shady Acres village, a roadside market that sells garden supplies as well as baked goods and quality candies in Seminary, MS. There was an old car out front with metal goat statues hanging out the window. The market was also heavily decorated in celebration of the fall season with pumpkins. A jack-o-lantern wearing a hat would remind us that Halloween is approaching very soon. A smiling sunflower figurine greets the customers as they enter the bakery section of the store. Going further south, we saw a logging company in Hattiesburg, MS distributing enormous tree trunks into piles using cranes and massive trailers. In D’Iberville, MS, we explored a bit of the city and got to see some of the southern MIssissippi architecture. We zoomed through a tunnel before taking the Biloxi Bay Bridge over the bay into Biloxi, MS. Over the bridge we saw the downtown area and the tour pushed eastward. We crossed into Alabama and the welcoming sign had the signature phrase “Sweet Home Alabama”. In Mobile, AL near the Mobile Shore, the Battleship Memorial park stands. The USS Alabama battleship is exhibited as a testament to the men and women who served in World War II. Moving along, we crossed over into Florida. The Sunshine state welcomed us as we entered its borders. At a gas station near Belleview, FL we met some cool guys that had some real pimped-up low-rider cars. They had big rims and shiny candy-paint paint jobs. The gentlemen were more than willing to show off the pimpy rides next to the ID. 4. We made it to Pensacola Beach, FL and there was a beachside sushi restaurant that featured a massive boat and buoy outside of the establishment. The restaurant also had a yellow T-2 with a window on the side that would be used for selling sno-cones during the day. There was an old submarine that was on display next to Sealab 1, the world’s first underwater living facility which was lowered off the coast of Bermuda in 1964 to a depth of 192 feet. Chipley, FL served as our day’s completion point. 


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