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The ID. 4 tour’s eighty-third day got its start in Homestead, FL. We drove north around the Biscayne Bay toward Miami Beach. As we approached Miami, gigantic multi-level cruise ships were resting at Port Miami along Dodge Island. We used the MacArthur Causeway as our surrogate to Miami Beach. When we arrived, in Miami Beach the presence of the Art Deco style was very alive. The style of architecture and design first appeared in France just before World War I and was influenced by bold geometric forms of Cubism and bright colors of Fauvism. Essex House and Henrosa Hotel Miami are hotels that exhibit the Art Deco style masterfully amidst the energy of South Beach. There was a nice guy driving a green, all electric golf cart. A wonderful way to trot around the streets near the beach. Palm trees are the symbol of any beach town, but in Miami Beach they are everywhere and carry the essence of the iconic beach city. The Art Deco district is as close to the beach as you can get and is lined with stylized restaurants and shops. After checking out Collins Ave, we were unable to see the famous Ocean Drive as well, due to it being blocked off. When the streets stopped, we took the sandy walkways to get to the beach. The shore is covered in brightly colored lifeguard towers. There was also a sailboat sailing in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As we were leaving the beach, we saw a brightly colored geometric, abstract mural. The city of Miami had put several of these multi-colored paintings around the city in order to help spread positivity. We took Interstate 1 north parallel to the ocean. On our eighty-fourth day we charged the ID. 4 in Fort Lauderdale and it was awesome to see two other cars charging as well; Another ID. 4 and an electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. We passed through Orlando, FL and in the mood of fall there was a pumpkin patch. The yard of a church was filled with pumpkins of all sizes and shapes; there was even one with a painted face on display. We made it to Daytona Beach and got to see the world famous Daytona Speedway, the home of the iconic Nascar race, the Daytona 500. We drove to the beach and saw the arch that lets everyone know that Daytona is the world’s most famous beach. Daytona beach allows visitors to drive along the sandy shore. As we were cruising by the blue waters, we saw a couple driving a Slingshot three-wheeled vehicle. The monumental Big Shark was fully on display on the pink building that is the Big Shark gift shop. An old rusty Volkswagen Beetle that had many items stored on top such as a tricycle and water skis was parked on the side of the road. We left the World’s Most Famous Beach and in a field of wetlands was a huge house. Our day then ended in Fort Pierce, FL. 


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