DAY 1: Herndon, VA to Monroeville, NJ

We started our tour by signing all paperwork and taking off from Herdon, Virginia. Our first out of over six-hundred VW dealers was bright and early at Stohlman Volkswagen. They had a beautiful VW bus mural. The classic van was painted pink and yellow and featured peace signs that symbolized the time inch it reached its peak popularity. Our next stop was Lindsay Volkswagen. Before we started the tour, they were kind enough to lend us a hand and we thank them for their support. We arrived in Waldorf, MD. and the name of the town reminded Rainer of his hometown in Germany, called “Walldroff”, with two “ll”s. We made a pit stop at a BBQ restaurant that had a large bull statue with a chain around its neck that was bucking wild. In Hebron, MD there was Bennett Farms. The garden center had multiple miniature, but still very tall, lighthouses. They were very nicely crafted and featured cool golden anchors and glass look outs on the top. A VW bus’ tires had sunk into the ground. The out-of-commision Type 2 van had actually been there for decades. The old vehicle still had an awesome paint job with many colors and butterflies floating across the sides. We visited Pohanka VW in Capitol Heights, MD. They had a funny truck that was labeled “Toe Truck”. As we continued driving we came across a huge monster truck that was painted camoflague. Rainer hopped up and was then dubbed “Sgt. Ratical”. At our Electrify America premiere, we were introduced to the EV reserved parking. The future is here now, and we look forward to seeing things progress for electric power. We crossed the wonderful Delaware Memorial Bridge as we crossed the Delaware river. Arriving in New Jersey, we continued through the countryside. We thought we spotted a man on a horse, but it was actually a realistic statue! In Woodstown, NJ, the famous “Muffler Man” stood 22 feet tall. The head is said to resemble “Marshall SId”, the owner of an auto dealership in Wilmington, DE. Made in 1967, it was moved in 1975 to its current site in Woodstown. We visited Woodstown High School. The large brick structure had light posts lined down the brick walkway. On top of the stairs we had the I.D. 4 standing proud in front of the school surrounded by the U.S. flag. We ended our first day of the journey at a rodeo where we parked the I.D. 4 and a little girl trotted up next to us on her horse.




For the ninety-eighth day, we celebrated the handover of the Guinness World Record for The Longest Drive in an EV Car in one country (Non-Solar) …

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The ninety-seventh day and our last day of touring with the VW ID. 4 has arrived. The day began in Herndon, VA and we visited …



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